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Leadership Team Tune-Up


How important is it – really – for the people at the top of the organization to work together effectively? This is a question we hear often, and frequently, it’s because the leadership team is not operating as a team at all. While no two leadership teams are alike - they all lead different organizations with different structures, people, definitions of success, and stakeholders - the dynamics of the senior team inevitably inform the dynamics of the rest of the organization. If the executive team operates in silos, so too will their divisions, leading to inefficiencies in the best-case scenarios. In-groups and out-groups within the senior leadership team create the same dynamics throughout the company, resulting in limited discourse and mistrust. Left unchecked, the interpersonal and behavioral dysfunctions within the top management tier quickly become problematic throughout the organization.


While the degree to which an executive team must operate as true team can vary based on context, the cohesion and effectiveness of the team remains essential. We have developed a process to address and improve leadership team effectiveness, which we call the Leadership Team Tune-Up.

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